Freightliner Truck Information

Freightliner Truck Sales: 

Government and Municipality Sales

              Kirk Fricia             (443) 414-6136

              Mark Gibson        (856) 630-3229


New Retail Sales

              Scott Cromwell     (443) 924-0081


Used Sales

              Greg Halsey          (443) 277-1507




Century Class S/T:

M2 106

Alternative Fuel Trucks:



M2 112

About Freightliner

Much of the weight of North American commerce rides with Freightliner. At Freightliner Trucks, North America's leading manufacturer of medium, heavy-duty diesel and specialized chassis trucks, we carry the load with pride. Our commitment to design, performance, and safety is built into every detail of every truck we make. Freightliner Trucks maintains an intense customer loyalty, first and foremost, because they out-perform not only on the road, but also on the balance sheet with accountable, measurable returns.

Our commitment to support, between the bumpers and beyond, is also unparalleled. With nonstop customer support that includes the largest dealer and service network in the industry, rock solid warranties and financing options that account for the intricacies of the transportation industry, Freightliner support extends well beyond its vehicles.

 Freightliner Trucks is a division of Daimler Trucks North America, the largest manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles in North America and a leading manufacturer of medium-duty vehicles. Daimler Trucks North America designs, builds and markets a wide range of Class 3-8 vehicles including long-haul highway tractors, heavy-duty construction and vocational trucks, mid-range trucks for distribution and service, school and transit buses, fire and emergency service apparatus and chassis for step vans, school and shuttle buses and motor homes.

As a Daimler company, Freightliner brings to bear the vast research and development capabilities, technological expertise and global business resources of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Explore our website for more detail about how Freightliner Trucks' products and services have helped build our reputation as a company whose wheels are always turning.

 Freightliner Trucks is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with truck manufacturing facilities located in Portland and throughout the United States.